Web Designing Mistakes Must to Avoid in 2017


Web Designing Mistakes Must to Avoid in 2017

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According to Adobe, if 15 minutes are given to consume the content, two-thirds of people would look forward to reading something beautifully designed rather than something plain. This statistic result rings the bell for the website designers and developers. The topic of website designing is an extensive one. It includes the color scheme, graphic design, responsiveness, SEO-friendliness, loading speed of the website and a lot of other things. The presence of social media services share button is the increasing demand for the website design these days and not to forget the content layout and the use of video content. Everything seems to play a major role in the final outlook of the website design and thus influences the conversion rate of the website as well.

As there are a huge number of factors that affect the final outlook of the website, there are a lot of places where the website designers can go wrong. To help you avoid the mistakes and ensure good results, here are the latest website designing mistakes that the developers are making these days.

1.Using free or non-customizable website templates

Every business brand has separate requirements for their websites and different elements and plugins fulfill those requirements. But, this is only possible if the website developer uses the customizable website templates. The basic customizable elements include the arrow, link list, images, navigation, shape, tooltip, vertical scroller and other things. The differentiation of the sections and use of attractive transitions also come under the website template design. But unfortunately, the attraction of using the free website template is such that the developers often oversee the non-customizable template that is offered to them. In order to save money, the website developers make a poor choice for their website. This mistake put all your efforts down the drain and must be avoided for sure.

2.Lack of social presence


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The leading social media agency UAE team gives their view on the presence of social media share buttons and links on the website by pointing it out as the basic requirement of every website. While developing your website, did you add the social share buttons on the web page? How else would the readers share the interesting content on your web page with their friends? Wouldn’t it drive more traffic to your website as more people will open the recommended link? Will it increase the return on investment and engage more people? These are the things you need to consider while opting for displaying links to social media networks on the website.

3.Not displaying the contact information


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Imagine that you were successful in winning over a reader through the so far amazing website, the content and by the CTAs, but the reader is now unable to find out how to contact you. Oh! Did you forget to add the contact information on the website? This is one of the biggest and business costing mistakes that a developer can make while designing the website. Your viewer needs to get in touch with you in order to avail your services. Your goal here is to impress the viewer and not irritate or make them go through a hard time finding you. A majority of the viewers will simply close the website and look for other brand offering the same products or services.

How to avoid this mistake?

To avoid this one, just make sure you add the contact information (contact number and an address or either one) at the header, footer or on a separate ‘contact us’ page on the website. This will draw the viewer’s attention to the contact information easily and retain your customer as well.

4.Compromising the responsiveness element of your website

The digital marketing world is talking about the responsive element of the websites so much that it is hard to miss but still, many designers compromise it in one way or the other. The website you design must be responsive to a number of different devices and especially smartphones. The web page’s resolution, size and design must be adjusted for the relatively small-sized screens as well. What if you don’t do that? Well, as a large number of people now visit websites through their smartphones, not adding the feature of responsiveness will only make it difficult for the viewers to go through the website. It also affects the loading speed of the website which results in the loss of the viewers. According to Soasta, just one second of added page load speed can see sales drop by 27%.

5.Overly decorating the website

There are certain rules mostly concerned with the aesthetic sense that must be followed while designing the website. Choosing the right color scheme, font, heading style, short videos, giant product images and so on, affects the overall presentation of the website. Many designers overdo the website which makes it hard to digest. Here are the few designing mistakes that you need to avoid:

  • Use of complex designs and low-quality images
  • Using three to four different styles of typography. The use of only one to two different styles to enhance the important things is advisable.
  • Not using background videos
  • Not being consistent with the design or not following a theme
  • Lack of use of CTAs


6.Lack of good navigation and visual cues


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When a viewer visits the website and is unable to find direction to obtain the required content, he clicks the red-cross button on the right upper corner and simply exits the web page. Unfortunately, a lot of web designers design a complex website with the lack of easy navigations. Avoid this and you will achieve good website success results. Add the search buttons, drop down menus and visual cues (colored buttons and prominent headings) on the website and make it more attractive.

Designing the website with all the essential elements in it greatly improves the conversion fate of the website. Any website designer and the business firm who wants to succeed in building an online presence makes sure they have done a good job while designing the website.

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